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And so, we have reached the end of 3o wild days. I have really enjoyed refocusing my attention on local wildlife and the beauty of the outdoors. I haven’t spent so much time with my nose in nature identification books since I was about eight.

This post is going to be about the culmination of a month long project. The idea came to me when thinking about the nature of our urban areas and how wildlife can really brighten them up. But, sometimes, nature does not need to be flashy, colourful or unusual in order to play its part. Sometimes, it just needs to blend right in. And which animal does this better than any other? Why, the pigeon, of course.

So this is my tribute to the birds that are arguably the most integral part of our city wildlife and, certainly, the most overlooked. Plus, some interesting things that I have learnt about pigeons this month. Share your photos of pigeons enjoying city life at #pigeonpics


By the Shard.


Notre Dame.


Notre Dame.


Eiffel Tower.


Not strictly pigeons. It has a London bus in it though. Waterloo Bridge.


Where it says on the tin.


St Mark’s Square, Venice.


Looking the wrong way in Athens.

Further pigeon reading

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