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A beautiful sight upon my return to London

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We were idling along, wheeling my bike and chatting. We had just left the park and it was growing dark. We thought we’d head back toward the lights and the noise of the main road. Suddenly our eyes were caught by a large frog chillin in the middle of the tarmac. As we watched in horror, the beam of headlights rounded the order, the engine revved and the wheel came speeding right past our little friend.

At the point, I decided I had to rescue her. Unfortunately, all the cars of London decided to hurtle round the corner M.D. we stared in horror as each successive car passed leaving miss Froggy shaken but unscathed. As soon as there was gap I leapt into the road and scooped her up, ran across to the park and deposited her safely on a pleasant looking patch of mud.

We were very surprised to see her in London but pleased to remember that there is wildlife here too.

Still, I hope she thinks twice about her next voyage across the high street!

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