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Day 29: barefoot wandering

I managed to get outside between the rain showers today and enjoy some nature. I decided to go barefoot and, with the damp grass tickling my toes, attempted to strike some incredible yoga poses.

Unfortunately, I’m not an expert. After years of resisting, I’ve finally given in… and watched a YouTube beginners video. I can see plenty of benefits. It can help with muscle strengthening, balance, anxiety and depression. And it provides a fantastic way of being in the moment. Being present.


Whilst outside, I really payed attention to the smells I was inhaling and the sounds I was listening to (even if they were the screech of buses and the occasional siren). A blue tit swooped just past my nose. I noticed the stunning range of colours in the sky. As my friend put it, ‘there is no drama in a clear blue sky’ and I had certainly missed that drama while away.


Later, I climbed a young oak tree and it was lovely to feel the wet bark with my feet. I identified a few plants, dredging my mind for the names I had learnt as a child. Eventually, as another downpour threatened, I reluctantly trudged inside.

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