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The Girl Who Dreams of Darkness- Poetry From Around the World

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

The girl who dreams of darkness

Ran away

From people who kept her still

Went astray

When we opposed her will

The girl who dreams of darkness

Fears consisitency

And breathes the desire of pain

Always reistence

And long to lie down in the rain.

The girl who dreams of darkness

Tries to understnad

Unable to express her side

But only holds up her hand

To the howling of the moon inside.

The girl who dreams of darkness

Could never explain

Trapped the cultural demands

And so she drained

Like the monsoon through padi lands.

The girl who dreamed of darkness

Never the same again

After that month of monsoon

Her heart clung to the pain

But she walked to a different tune.

-Inspired by a small woman with a huge sense of adventure that I knew in Nepal.

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