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Fly Butter Butterfly

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Sometimes while walking around Hong Kong, the leaves on the ground would lift themselves off the ground and float around in the air until I realised that there was no breeze, just 98 percent humidity and that the leaves were in fact butterflies.

Purple butterflies, blue butterflies, glistening butterflies, tiny pale butterflies and large drifting butterflies- Hong Kong has them all.

It reminded me of how I fell in love with them in South America, reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and watching them flutter across the Amazon river.

I wrote this piece in July when I saw two butterflies, frenzied flapping near a bush in the garden and I decided that they are one of my favourite animals.

Frantic, confused and anxious. In their panic lies their grace. It’s so beautiful to watch them dance and swirl on currents of warm air. Always in pairs.

It’s like how watching rough waters crashing and foaming can be calming.

But in this, there’s no sound, no end, no consequence. They just flutter, rage on and on and up and down and all around.

Also check out my post on rescuing a butterfly .

Join the conversation below. Have you been in the percentage of awesome butterflies? What did you experience.

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