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Day 1 of 30wilddays

Today I am appreciating the birds of Paris. For a rainy grey day, there were a surprising amount. I spotted sparrows, pigeons, herons, geese, coots and mallards ducks. Also, the furry babies!

But the award for the ultimate urban scavenger went to… The Crow. These were skulking around the city and congregating suspiciously near the bins. We caught one chillin’ on the rim of the bin itself.

They also had this fabulously efficient way of securing food for themselves. They would hang around near the bins while the tourists ate their lunches. The tourists, who had spent all lunchtime determinedly ignoring the birds and carefully not dropping crumbs, would finish and dump their sandwich wrappings in the bin. Unfortunately, the bins were just bin liners in bin rings with no metal containers encasing them. So as soon as the sandwich wrappers were dumped, the swarm of crows pounced, pecked through the bin liner and extracted the sandwiches! These were truly the savviest of town-birds.

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