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Travel struggles: why don’t we talk about this?

Chiloe is one of those places in which the unwitting traveller could easily get stuck. It is a quaint place, but for me, it’s charm lay in the fact that is posited the first place where I truly felt comfortable and happy to be travelling.

The island of Chiloe is the kind of place that the unwitting traveller could easily get stuck. It is known for its ancient wooden churches which dot every small village or town on the island. Since many of these look more like weather beaten shacks, you could not guess they were buildings of such religious significance were it not for the tiny signs reading ‘Inglesia’. The inglesia in the centre of Castro, one of the main towns, is a delightfully lurid yellow although the carvings inside are beautifully preserved. The earthquake and tsunami of 1960 destroyed a large part of the island and so the church at Ancud is merely a modern imitation of the old style. I am not religious but churches allow me to feel close to my mum and I enjoy their dry cool.

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