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Never been so remote 

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Thought I’d do a photography post to highlight some of the utterly remote aspects of where I decided it would be a good idea to live for three months!

The first thing you notice is that there are mountains in every direction.

And padi fields. The valley is layered into segments of watery rice plants bordered by mud walls. When the sun sets it is glorious to see it reflected in the landscape.

My neighbours invited me to assist them in planting a freshly ploughed and irrigated field. I gingerly picked my way along the edge and over to them. Sinking into the knee deep mud was about as fun as falling into it (something I had tried the previous week). I steadied myself and gradually we filled the field with little, green rice plants. My neighbour was so adept at this that she was able to plant about five for my every one.

Since everyone here eats baat (rice) or some kind of rice derived product at least twice a day, every day, it must be important to get these fields planted swiftly. Unfortunately climate change is leading to increased inconsistency in rainfall and many of the fields are not getting sufficient water.

Jungles may be densely populated and biodiverse spaces but they usually appear overwhelmingly green. This was an unexpected splash of colour.

Hidden in the green however lie bananas, pears, pomegranates, tea, coffee, nuts, almost anything you could want.

Before the fields of rice were planted, fields of corn stood towering in their place.

This lady was so surprised and pleased when I attempted to speak Nepali and asked to take her photo. I think she looks striking in red lost in a field of corn.

The oncoming storm. After a day of grey humidity, it is magical to be able to watch a rain cloud heading your way, feel the wind pick up and the air tense around you.

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