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Bariloche tranquillo 

One of the downsides of having all the freedom that I boasted about in my last post is that it can be exhausting to decide everything for yourself. Sometimes you get it wrong. Bariloche was one such place which I misjudged and left too soon.

Beside Lago Nahuel Huapi

San Carlos de Bariloche is a small town located in the west of Argentina, near the border with Chile. The town is famous for its superb chocolate and surrounding alpine countryside. As soon as I touched down in the airport (to much applause) and caught my first glimpse of the imposing Cordillera de los Andes, I fell in love: a feeling which did not fade.

Despite travelling to South America alone, I have spent surprisingly little time sitting with myself. It has been easy to meet fellow travellers in hostels and hang out with friendly locals too. In Bariloche, I talked to a woman whom, it transpired, had been born in the very same hospital as me! The phrase ‘it’s a small world’ cannot be overused, I am discovering.

Lago Moreno Oeste

Although it was a relief to talk freely in English and have company for the climb to a viewpoint, I was beginning to crave some headspace. Bariloche provided this perfectly. It was here that I learnt several Spanish synonyms for the word ‘quiet’. I spent a good deal of my time exploring the lakes and foothills, sometimes by bike, and trying to be mindful of the epic scenery. Continually adjusting to new environments, some meditation and time to myself was much needed. I’m gonna leave this post here with that sense of peace and a few photos.

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