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A couple of cyanotypes experiments…

When I was in uni I really wanted to do a project involving closeups of bodies, focussing on the details of wrinkles, pimples, hairs and curves of flesh, objectifying them and dissociating the meat from the human life. I was interested in the ways the body can contort and form other shapes, forming sites of discord and challenging gender norms. Inspired by Surrealist photographers like Man Ray and Brassai, I wanted to develop a project building on theirs.

Then the pandemic came along and turned me onto cyanotypes as a way of continuing to make photographs without access to most of the equipment I needed.

Two years later, I have created these works using my own photographs that I then turned into digital negatives and printed. The brush marks from where I have painted the developer onto the paper mimic the hairs of the bodies and the blue amorphous shapes appear like ultrasounds of babies in the womb.

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