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For the love of Glasgow

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I’ve wanted to visit Glasgow ever since I first heard it compared to Liverpool.

Liverpool, my first great city love outside London. When I first moved to Liverpool I was too young to fully appreciate the negative reputation it had or to understand the car thieving stereotype of Scousers. Over the years I fell in love with the city and its people.

Now I’ve finally found the time to visit Glasgow, however, I find myself hit by the city’s reputation. Glasgow has historically been perceived as a rough city. Less polished than Edinburgh. Less wealth. This usually equals more local character in my experience. And Glasgow seems to have that in abundance.

Apart from its well established glass trade which I had no idea about (glass- Glasgow), it has produced several Turner prize winning artists.

The city seems like a mix of the best elements of Liverpool and London. It has relatively few people giving it a relaxed feel. Pedestrians wait for the green man to show before crossing the roads. People happily sidestep to avoid others. Weeds and flowers sprout between paving slabs.

But the city also has an energy and diversity that comes from its larger size and youthful population. Its elegant combination of gothic sandstone spires, Georgian pillars and glassy office blocks make it an interesting city to explore. I could definitely see myself returning here!

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