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2020: Brighton Photo Fringe

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Brighton Photo Fringe

I co-founded Pachamama Collective, a group of photographic artists who are concerned with gender and environmental issues. Alongside the other members, I exhibited as part of Brighton Photo Fringe 2020 at Phoenix Gallery in Brighton.

My series is called 'Post-photography; Post-climate'. These photographs explore the idea of glitch art as tool for positive climate action. In this climate crisis, the sea (rising sea levels and melting ice-caps) is emblematic. I have glitched sublime, abstract photos with text about climate change. I used the text to disrupt the code of the image and create unsettling and eerie, angular glitches in the surface of the image. Much like climate change, the causes of the glitches are unseen and invisible, but unavoidable. These images show the beauty of our landscape but also hint at the disruption and damage we are causing it.

To see more of the exhibition at Photo Fringe, please click here.

To keep up to date with Pachamama Collective's activities, follow them on Instagram.

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