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Ryanair flight London to Barcelona

The cabin crew announces new deals every few minutes over the loudspeaker: discounted coffee and booze, a range of perfumes, even a passenger who is turning twenty-one today!

A woman peels an orange and created her own perfume; the spray of zest glints in the sunlight above the clouds. The lady with the Micky mouse cap asks for advice on her immigration form. Guatemalan tourists share photos of them smiling by Tower Bridge. Teenagers dressed in black burn their ears with the heavy beat of metal rock music. The air hostess smirks nervously with the knowledge of her flirtatious colleagues.

Lifting her suitcase and straw hat in the very picture of ecstatic freedom, an enormous, clad-all-in-white image of a beauty stretches her arms across the blue sky of the interior of the plane.

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