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A City of Impermanence: photographing London’s building sites

London is a city in constant flux. It is always changing: new buildings built and others demolished. The endless assortments of building sites offer fleeting and nostalgic glimpses into the past. The demolition of these imposing buildings opens views through the city which have not been seen for decades. They alter the skyline from multiple directions. They challenge the seeming solidity and permanence of these great structures. The near constant alteration of this city’s architecture also reflects the fast pace of life here; everything is temporary and nobody stays for too long.

I have photographed a series of these sites, attempting to capture them from unexpected angles and in different lights. I hope that they will emphasise the surprising beauty of skeletal building remnants and the reflections and views that they create. Much like the symbolism in the Dutch paintings of insect covered, wilting flowers and skulls, I think that these images convey a sense of the fragility and transience of our life in the city.


Scaffolding reflections

1235 cropped

New skyscrapers and crumbling concrete remains


Unexpected view of the Shard from Southwark


Builders at work by the new Blackfriars road bridge and the remaining pillars of the old bridge


Rooms being demolished brick by brick


Sun setting on an old structure

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