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Self Portrait Pop Art Design


Charlotte is an artist and photographer currently based in Brighton.

She works mainly to portrait commissions but makes her own illustrations, prints and paintings for sale. She sells through the shop section on here, her Etsy site and Depop page. She has exhibited and curated exhibitions in London, Brighton and Eastbourne.

Since graduating with a distinction in MA Photography: History, Theory and Practice at the University of Sussex, she co-founded Pachamama Collective, exhibited in Brighton Photo Fringe 2020 and established her own online art shop. Having worked as a Creative Producer for Brighton Artists Network, she joined Socially Engaged Art Salon to use her marketing skills to promote the cause of socially engaged art. 

Her art covers all things blue! She is fascinated by gender, its ambiguity and fluidity. Most of her prints allude to issues of femininity, queer culture and bodies. She loves making figurative work so most of what you see here features at least a vague representation of people.

Her focus is on the ephemeral, the temporary and the transient. Having experienced loss from a young age, she is fascinated by the idea of everything changing and fading; nothing is permanent. Much of her practice depicts nature, wildlife, travel, the environment and climate change. The pieces for sale are often abstract or focus on particular details.

Charlotte is greatly interested in travel, exploration, nature, intersectional feminism, music and uses these to expand her art practice. She keeps a blog in which she photographs and writes about her experiences and inspiration. Visit or follow her Instagram account below to read more about some of her adventures in the wild.

If you are interested in bespoke items or collaborations, please do get in touch!

Charlotte also offers website design- get in touch for more details.

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